My Wonky Boob

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Not all breast cancers present themselves as a lump in the breast. I have breast cancer and I’ve never had a lump.

I only ever had a bit of a wonky boob. After my second child was born, one boob went back to normal size but the other one stayed a bit larger. Nothing major, no one else would notice. But it was different to my norm. When my son was eight months old I went to my GP, we joked about how boobs go a bit wonky after two children. She referred me onto BreastCheck in CUH where I got the all clear. Fast forward another eight months, I went back to work after maternity leave and left our two kids in the care of the most amazing childminder Helen, or St Helen as I call her. Ronan and I we were saving like crazy trying to buy a house and life was good

Another eight months later, I was at a Christmas work event where i wore a beautiful red v-neck dress. But it was a bit low and I was really conscious that I didn’t want to look too booby,  so I kept my posture all night. In my head I would say, for goodness sake this fecking dress, too booby. But the thing was it wasn’t too booby on one side, one boob was perfectly fine, it was the other that was a bit glamour modelesque. After months of coasting along that dress brought attention back to my wonky boob again.

Back in the office the next morning, my colleague (who is also my best friend and maybe an actual LIFE SAVER) and I were chatting about the night and even though I had a ball, I said I’m never wearing that bloody dress again because I was so conscious of my boobs, or boob to be exact. Straight away she said, “Call the GP and get it checked.”

“Ah ha, I’m ahead of you because I’ve already done that, and its perfect, just a bit wonky.”

“Get it checked again,” Alison said in a strong enough tone for me to take her seriously.

So I called the GP and joked that you’d swear I’m looking for trouble, and you’ll think I’m a hypochondriac coming back again with something that’s perfectly fine, but…

Within a week I was diagnosed with Stage 3, Grade 3, Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer, Her2 – ER+, PR+.

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  1. Margo 4 years ago

    Ur the best an so ooooh strong…fab cook as well.can’t find smiley face on this…x

  2. Catherine H 4 years ago

    Hey Mandy, well done with your blog and sharing such a hard time.
    It will make us all aware of how precious life is and make the most of it.
    Your interior design ideas for my front room are still being commented on, everyone wants to know who’s ideas they were, 😍 cos they know they weren’t mine.😘😘😘

  3. Gráinne Murphy 4 years ago

    Shocked, and wish this hadn’t happened to you. Have nothing useful to say, so will just point out that in all my years of working in hospitals I have never seen anyone make a gown look as stylish as you’ve done. You’re one in a million.

  4. Aoibhinn N 4 years ago

    Mandy, thank’s so much for sharing your

  5. Pamela 4 years ago

    What an inspirational & strong lady you are Mandy!! You’ve been through so much but you have amazing strength & drive to get yourself through it all. You also have great family support which is priceless. Sending you lots of love & best wishes ❤❤

  6. Amelia 4 years ago

    Hi Mandy, thank you for sharing I really don’t know what to say I can’t imagine what ye are going through. You were a ray of sunshine in Clifden.
    I always admired your intelligence strength and kindness . You always made people feel good. Hope ye will visit and we can go for a walk.♥️Your words will definitely help others. Xx

  7. Michele Hehir 4 years ago

    Wonderful, inspiring, moving words full of hope and got this mandy..thank you for sharing..❤️❤️❤️

  8. Sharon 4 years ago

    Hey Mandy, THANK YOU for sharing your story. It will definitely give us all food for thought and a push to get checked out more often. You are such a positive energy in our lives and I will follow your journey as it’s truly inspiring. Clifden is not the same without you. Love to you, Ronan and kids. Xxx

  9. Finbarr O Sullivan 4 years ago

    You are very brave. Great blog and keep on being a legend!

  10. Paul Delaney (from UL days) 4 years ago

    Hey Mandy, my wife Fi is friends with Mags and just should me your story. So sorry to hear you’ve gone through such a tough time. You’re been so strong and courageous to share your story. Hope the road to recovery continues as fast as possible.

  11. Evelyn 4 years ago

    Hi Mandy

    I only stumbled across your blog from a share on Fiona O’D’s Facebook page. What you’ve been through so far and how you’re dealing with it all so bravely is only superb. You’ve some strength. Great idea to do this blog – no doubt it’ll be a huge support to people going through similar situations. Take Care of yourself. Really looking forward to seeing you again soon hopefully. Ev

  12. Pam 4 years ago

    You are so brave and so inspirational! There is no doubt you won’t get through this, your strength and positive outlook alone will see you through this for sure. Sending you the very best wishes 😘😘

  13. Finbarr Woulfe 4 years ago

    Such an honest, fearless and inspiring piece of work mand. You are amazing and as always you got this

  14. Grace 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Mandy…. you’re one person who could turn this around and do something great with it xxx

  15. Cathal Kiely 4 years ago

    Mandy, so sorry to hear of your recent tough times. Reading through your blogs your courage is inspiring. I think cancer will soon realise it’s messing with one tough cork woman!
    Take care, cathal & noirin.

  16. Fran 4 years ago

    You are a hero! I sincerly belive that this blog will help so many people, and insipre them to be as strong as you are.
    Whilst reading this I think back to our late evenings in the office, chatting, and joking around. You always were so positive, nothing could put you in a bad mood. The best thing is nothing has changed! You are a “kick-ass” woman, and you always will be. I admire your courage, and look up to you as a hero.
    Fran x


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