The Reverse Lotto

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On the day I was getting the results of my biopsy, Ronan and I were sitting in the car just by CUH. My brother Val had driven down from Dublin to attend the meeting with us. My dad was positioned in the waiting area. As we passed Wilton Shopping Centre, I looked at Ronan and said, “Our lives might never be the same again, oh Jesus, whats going to happen?”

So he said, “Look, its like the Lotto, you have to think it could be you, but sure, it never is. So you’ll be grand, it will all be grand.”

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  1. Alana 4 years ago

    Fantastic, so inspiring ! You have been so strong and so positive through this whole thing. You have somehow still managed to continue to be an amazing mam to your babies, an amazing partner to Ronan, an amazing sister and an amazing daughter! You kicked cancers ass!! (And did it with such grace!) so proud of you xxxx

  2. Ciara Horgan 4 years ago

    Mandy, I had no idea you were going through treatment and you are unbelievably amazing to put it all out there, so inspirational!
    Thinking of you and no better woman to come through this with flying colours xx

  3. Wayne 4 years ago

    Hi mandy,i just finished reading your blogs. I never knew your sick and must admit i was absolutely in shock when i found out, it fucking sucks this has happened to you. But more importantly i am devastated for you and your family upon learning what ye have been going through.
    But it takes some unbelievable courage to share with the world what you are going through. It must be very hard for you and very scary. But ive no doubts whatsoever that you will inspire many women to get checked on a more regular basis and that your story will save life’s. I hope you stay strong and positive for you and your family,… Never give up. The world is a better place with you in it!

  4. Aoife 4 years ago

    Well done for writing this incredible blog mandy, that fake sitting room and cup of crappy tea was a grotesque place to be. You’ve come so far and this is so inspiring for anyone to read. Thank you for writing your cancer story.

  5. Brendan 4 years ago

    Sharing this tough journey and posting those photographs must have been so hard. You are a hero and an inspiration to other women going through treatment. Well done


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